artificial-musles-robots“Hulk is the strongest one there is!” is a catchphrase that we have heard before many times, if you happen to be an ardent fan of Marvel Comic’s jade giant. Well, another character that has proven to be nigh invulnerable would be Superman of DC Comics’ fame, and it would be interesting to see what happens when both titans of strength collide in an arm wrestling match. Well, researchers over at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have managed to come up with a robot that while it might not have the legendary strength of the Incredible Hulk or Superman, it is still capable of lifting 80 times its own weight.

Yes sir, this robot manages to perform such a feat thanks to its polymer-derived artificial muscles which are capable of stretching out up to five times in length, which in turn allows them to lift 80 times their own weight. Who knows, we could have such robotic muscles implemented in various industries that could ease the backbreaking labor of humans, and even better is the fact that robots would not go on strike unless the suddenly become self aware and have a maniacal leader to lead them in annihilating us humans, their creators.

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