There’s nothing finer than flipping through your leather wallet while you’re sitting on your leather couch, wearing your favorite leather pants as you sweat uncontrollably from wearing a leather fedora on a 90-degree day. The feel of leather is one we’re sure many people could appreciate, but we’re not entirely sure if we’re such a big fan of leather where we would completely cover our vehicle in it.

The vehicle was created by an automotive enthusiast in Moscow, Russia who just so happens to be selling his creation, which is completely covered in Canadian wood bison leather. We thought we’d take a moment to clarify what exactly “completely covered” meant in this case. It means not only is the exterior of the vehicle covered in leather, but its interior and even its engine.

The Canadian bison leather was tanned and artistically etched to cover the vehicle’s fiberglass body, while the vehicle’s interior was layered with a combination of brown bison leather and “expensive natural furs.” If that wasn’t enough leather for your taste, under the hood you’ll find the engine and other parts have been encased in a specially treated bison leather which can withstand high temperatures.

The vehicle’s seller, only known as “Rustam,” is selling the vehicle on Avito for 40 million Russian rubies, which converts to a little over $1.2 million, but he’s certainly willing to negotiate its price.

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