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Russia Claims To Have Successfully Tested Their Own Internet
The internet is designed to be an open space for all, not controlled by any particular nation or government. However, despite that, many governments around the world have attempted to censor it in some form or the other, by restricting what kind of content is allowed to be shown in their country.

Russia Reportedly Tried To Pin Its Olympics Cyberattack On North Korea
It was reported a couple of weeks ago that there had been a cyberattack during the 2018 Winter Olympic Games opening ceremony and while it was confirmed by the organizers, they didn’t point fingers at any individuals or nation states. The Washington Post reports today that Russian hackers were responsible for this cyberattack and that they later tried to pin it on North Korea. The Washington Post’s report cites officials […]

Russia To Turn Cellphone Towers Into Missile Jammers
Missile jammers aren’t exactly new as far as technology is concerned, but Russia’s implementation of it might. According to a report from Motherboard, it seems that over in Russia, the government is apparently considering stepping up their military defense by equipping civilian cellphone towers with missile jammers.

Russia Will Be Sending Humans To The Moon
It has been a while since man stepped on the Moon and Roscosmos wants to fix that, it’s the Russian Federal Space Agency for those who don’t know it by its more common name, the agency has announced today that it will be sending humans to the Moon. The announcement was made at a space and technology conference in Moscow by head of Roscosmos Energia Vladimir Solntsev. This is just […]


Russia Reportedly Developing A Microwave Gun That Can Kill Missiles
Drones can be used for surveillance purposes, but they can also be used in combat where they can launch missiles. So what can one do to counter these drone attacks? Well there are anti-aircraft guns, assuming they can detect said drones, but it seems that over in Russia, the Russian military is said to be developing a new way of dealing with them.A report from Sputnik News (via Engadget) has […]

Russian Agency Asks For Twitter And Facebook Representatives To Discuss On New Laws
A Russian government agency is currently working on doing their job by enforcing new restrictions on the Internet, and hence, they have enlisted the help of Twitter and Facebook so that representatives from the two Internet companies will drop by Russia to discuss on the new laws that are being formed. According to a spokesman for Russian government media regulator Roscomnadzor, the planned meetings have already been confirmed, where the […]

Apple Memorial In St. Petersburg Dismantled
It seems that a St. Petersburg memorial that paid homage to the late Apple founder, Steve Jobs, was taken down due to Tim Cook’s coming out last week. The dismantling of the memorial is definitely one of the more bizarre decisions that we would have come across, taking into consideration how the 2 meter high memorial resembles that of a huge iPhone. It was first erected last year by Russian […]

Law Rules That Internet Companies Stash Data Within Russia
It seems that plenty of spotlight is being shone on Russia in recent months, ranging from the standoff in Ukraine as well as the shooting down of commercial airline MH17 by pro-Russian rebels. Well, this time around, a new amendment has been discussed and signed into law by Russian president Vladimir Putin, where this law will require Internet companies to store data within the country itself, or see their services […]

Russian Public Transport Gets Hi-Tech With The Russia One Tram
Trams help us get around the city and they provide an alternative method of transportation to buses or trains , depending on your stop. That being said, is there a huge need for trams to start being more hi-tech? Well apparently in Russia the answer would be yes. As you can see in the image above, that is a new tram that is expected to see deployment in the major […]

Russia Reportedly Developing Amphibious Drones
Drones, for the most part, have made the news because of their warfare capabilities. After all imagine being able to land an airstrike on a target without anyone actually being in the plane, that would be pretty nasty, wouldn’t it? However we’ve also seen how drones can be used for good, such as to detect and fend of poachers of endangered animals, but now according to reports, it seems that […]

Russian Government Wants To Create More Patriotic Video Games
When it comes to video games and movies, Russians seem to get a bad rap as usually portraying either communists or the bad guys, but it seems that the Russian government is hoping to change that by encouraging local developers to create more “patriotic” games that will help promote “historically truthful” events, at least that’s what the folks at the Hollywood Reporter are saying. According to Arseny Mironov, an aide […]

This Car Is Completely Covered In Leather And Will Cost You $1.2 Million
There’s nothing finer than flipping through your leather wallet while you’re sitting on your leather couch, wearing your favorite leather pants as you sweat uncontrollably from wearing a leather fedora on a 90-degree day. The feel of leather is one we’re sure many people could appreciate, but we’re not entirely sure if we’re such a big fan of leather where we would completely cover our vehicle in it.The vehicle was […]

Moscow Metro Stations Could See SIM Card Snooping Machines Installed
Just how much of your privacy do you value? If you are still part of the dinosaur generation who relies on pencil and paper, and perhaps a pager, then you would not have to worry about the Moscow Metro Police head’s most recent reveal, touting that there will be special devices that will be installed at metro stations. These special devices are capable of reading information on your smartphone’s SIM […]

U.S. And Russia To Install Cyber-Hotline For Accidental Cyberwar Prevention
U.S. and Russia have agreed to install a "cyber-hotline" which will be used to prevent an accidental cyber-war between these two global superpowers.