Verizon was late to get to the HTC One party in the U.S., but the variant it is selling is the only one that comes with Android 4.2 pre-installed. Today, a Verizon HTC One software update has been released. Base Android OS version remains the same, don’t think that Verizon has received the much awaited Android 4.3 update before its rivals. This is actually the first over-the-air update for HTC One on Verizon and it brings a few improvements. The update brings version number up to 1.10.605.10.

According to the official changelog, this Verizon HTC One software update will ensure that device lock-ups don’t happen that often. The update also adds internet accessibility for the visually impaired. The changelog also mentions that ISIS Mobile Wallet has also been updated, though it doesn’t say exactly what has been changed. ISIS is the mobile payments solution that is backed by major U.S. carriers, its nationwide rollout is expected by the end of this year. Verizon has begun pushing this software update out over-the-air, so you may now begin mashing the update button in device settings. As far as Android 4.3 is concerned, a HTC executive confirmed recently that U.S. carrier branded devices will be receiving the update slightly late than originally anticipated.

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