Amazon has long been rumored to be developing its set-top box. Such rumors have been around for a long time, but a product has not materialized as yet. Now there’s even more chatter about an Amazon set-top box, given that it was recently discovered that the company has filed to trademark “Firetube” in U.S. and Canada. While there’s no confirmation as yet on what Firetube really is, it may be a new service, the rumor mill believes that it is actually Amazon’s much awaited TV offering. There’s also the possibility that Amazon is merely filing a trademark for something that it doesn’t plan on launching in the foreseeable future.

Previous rumors suggest that Amazon might launch a set-top box this fall, which means that the device would launch in the next few months if it is indeed going to come out. Another rumor suggests that Firetube might actually be Amazon’s answer to Google’s Chromecast dongle. Google recently launched the Chromecast, which allows people to share content from their devices to their TVs. Rumor has it that Firetube will let Kindle Fire users stream content stored on their tablet to the TV. Amazon itself hasn’t commented on this rumor, and it has not even said if it intends to launch a TV related product this year.

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