iphone-5cSo, the iPhone 5c has gone through its fair amount of abuse in the past, where one of them include having it shot at with a .50 caliber rifle. Well, it might seem to be a rather foolhardy move that, but this has not actually made the iPhone 5c all the more desirable. In fact, everywhere you go where the next generation iPhones are on sale, most folks would have gone for the iPhone 5s instead of the iPhone 5c. In fact, there are now rumblings on the ground that Apple has already halved the production orders of the iPhone 5c, which is not good news at all.

This particular report hails from the folks over at CTechCN, where it is suggested that the number of iPhone 5c devices produced each day has been dropped to just 150,000 units instead of the initial 300,000 per day order. CTechCN has had its fair share of hits in the past, so it is most likely that this rumor by them could turn out to be true. Are you one bit surprised by this piece of news? After all, when Apple reported the sales of their iPhones, they lumped all the iPhones together without a particular model breakdown. If the new generation iPhones did well, I am quite sure that they would have trumpeted that fact alone instead, it is logical to do so.

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