macbookair13cropIt seems that there are some mid-2012 models of the MacBook Air that are having some issues with its SSD, where an unspecified issue will cause the complete erase of the SSD’s data. This is not a small matter as lost data can be incredibly frustrating and Apple has since released an update for the MacBook Air lineup which basically tests the MacBook Air’s SSD to see if the drive has the problem that would cause data to be erased. Should there not be any fault found, a fresh firmware will then be installed, but if a problem is found, Apple has stated that they will replace the affected SSD for free.

According to the update’s notes, “Apple has discovered that a small percentage of flash storage drives in these MacBook Air models have an issue that may result in data loss. This update tests your drive and, in the majority of cases, installs new firmware to resolve the issue. If your drive cannot be updated, Apple will replace it, free of charge.” It is unknown how widespread this issue is, but there are multiple threads on the Apple Support Community forums which shows that this is an issue that has been around for a while. In any case if you own a MacBook Air and would like to check your SSD for any problems, hit up Apple’s website for the download.

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