paintWhile many of us love the idea of working on the move in a mobile environment, not all mobile devices are up to par just yet when it comes to having the kind of processing power and relevant hardware required to get the job done, particularly when that exact piece of work is highly complex and needs its fair share of “muscle”. However, it makes perfect sense when you are working on something on your smartphone or tablet, before porting it over to the desktop to complete it later on. This is the case with Fresh Paint, as an upgrade has been introduced to this Windows Phone 8 app so that creators are able to resume painting on their desktop after saving all changes on SkyDrive.


There is a number of additional advantages offered for Windows Phone 8 users of Fresh Paint, too, where you will be on the receiving end of a new pencil format, the inclusion of front-facing camera support as well as an “Inspire Me” tool which will be able to hunt down images on Bing. “Inspiration” does seem to be an over-rated word these days, it could very well be the beginning of the slippery path down the road of plagiarism. After all, we have seen our fair share of “inspired” smartphones from China when the iPhone was all the rage.

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