android-tvThere are moments in one’s life that one would need to learn to reinvent oneself. Case in point, a footballer (and I am referring to soccer players just in case you happen to reside in the US and are reading this) who has gotten on in age, where he would then reinvent himself by playing in deeper positions while pulling strings from his half of the midfield, such as Paul Scholes. Google might have figured out that their Google TV division is not making much headway, which is why there are whispers going around that Google might opt to drop Google TV and settle for a new Android TV brand name instead.

When approached, a spokesperson for Google declined to comment. Assuming that this particular rumor is true, it would mean the end of the road for the Google TV brand which was launched all the way back in 2010, where the Internet search giant did have their fair share of hope to rule the living room space. In order to achieve this, they decided to offer TV as well as set-top manufacturers an Internet operating system that was specially made for large screen TVs. Too bad the first generation of such efforts did not last too long in the market. Will a rebranding to Android TV be able to fix whatever issues that they had in the past? Only time will be able to tell.

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