There has been no shortage of HTC One Max rumors over the past few months. Time and time again we’ve heard that HTC is working on a super sized version of its popular One smartphone. The latest rumor suggests that the fingerprint sensor on HTC One Max, which is expected to be on its back, will allow users to launch apps by just using their fingers. This would be a rather interesting use of the fingerprint sensor, quite different from what Apple lets users do with Touch ID, which is just limited to locking and unlocking the device and authorizing iTunes purchases right now.

Apparently users will be able to assign each of their ten fingers to launch a different app, so when they touch the sensor with that particular finger, the pre-selected app will launch on its own. So users will be able to configure if they want their index finger to launch the music player or the thumb to launch the camera. It is not known for sure if the access will be limited to built-in apps or if users will get the ability to select third party apps as well. One thing is for sure though, this is just one of the rumors in the endless pit of scuttlebutt about HTC’s new phablet, a grain of salt is definitely advised.

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