huawei-spyHuawei, the China-based company that rolls out networking products as well as smartphones among others, has stepped forward with a denial that they happen to manufacture spy phones for the current government in China. Recently, Huawei did write in a cybersecurity paper where they mentioned that they have never been ordered by the Chinese government in order to make use of its smartphones or telecom equipment so that the government is able to spy on customers.

This particular statement was released at a time when it has been seen to be a security risk by the American government for its supposed ties to the Chinese government. This is not the first country to have such concerns, as slightly more than a year ago, we did bring you word that Canada themselves are mulling over the possibility of banning Huawei device because of security worries and potential issues. Other major tech companies that are also involved in allegations of colluding with its government to spy on customers, including Microsoft, Google, Facebook and other tech giants, did also issue somewhat similar statements themselves, reassuring the masses that they are not being spied upon by the National Security Agency. Who can we believe these days?

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