huawei-hw-01d[CEATEC 2013] You can never quite tell just when an accident or disaster is going to happen, and I am referring to the ones on a personal scale, such as your kid disappearing in the midst of a large crowd simply because you took your eyes off him or her for a split second. The world is no longer the safe place that we know of more than half a century ago, and this can be attested to the kind of atrocities that we watch and read about on the news each day. What can parents do to make sure their kids remain with them all the time short of leashing them?

Huawei has an idea – the HW-01D feature phone that will come with a built-in panic alarm. This particular handset does not only target the little ones, but it would also come in handy when used by humans as well as the elderly, as the device comes with a pull tab which will set off a loud alarm in order to attract attention to themselves as well as (hopefully) scare off would-be perpetrator. Will it catch on with the masses? Probably not, but it does function as a decent deterrent.

Hardware features of the Huawei HW-01D are functional at best, nothing fancy. They include a 2″ QVGA TFT display, a maximum number of 10 phone numbers in the phonebook, and that’s about it. Yeah, even for a featurephone, it is pretty low end.

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