It was only a matter of time before Instagram started running ads, and it has announced today just how it is going to do that. Instagram says that in the next couple of months, users in the U.S. may begin seeing “an occasional ad” in their feed. It says that it will start off slow, since it is going to be new for users to see photo and video ads from brands that they do not follow. The focus is said to be on delivering a “small number of beautiful, high quality photos and videos” from brands that are already using Instagram.

Instagram says that it wants the advertisements to feel as natural to the service as the photos and videos that users currently see and engage with, posted by the brands they follow. Users will also be given a certain amount of control over the ads. If they see an advertisement that they do not like, they’ll be able to hide it and also provide feedback. In the end, Instagram reiterates that users own photos and videos that they submit to the service and that the inclusion of advertisements doesn’t change this fact. Ads are obviously necessary as Instagram looks to be sustainable in the long run, they’ll generate much needed revenue. What do you think though about the decision to start running ads in feeds, do you think they’ll compromise your Instagram experience a lot or would you even mind if an ad showed up in your feed from time to time?

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