iphone-level-tableIt seems that Apple’s iPhone 5s is being plagued by a number of issues, such as having its paint peel, along with reports that the built-in compass could be a little miscalibrated as well. It turns out that is not the only thing that has been miscalibrated as there are increasing reports of iPhone 5s users complaining that the phone’s motions sensors aren’t working the way they are supposed to, which led to Gizmodo running a battery of tests of their own which led them to a similar conclusion where it was found that a variety of sensors built into the iPhone 5s are a bit off.

The tests they ran tested the phone’s inclinometer and gyroscope, both of which reported varying levels of inaccuracy. In fact in one instance while playing the Real Racing video game, the car in the game managed to steer itself to the left despite the fact that the phone was placed flat on the table! This is pretty bad news for Apple as it is possible that this could be a hardware issue, especially since the levels of inaccuracy are different for everyone, meaning that it might not necessarily be a software problem.

It has been speculated that perhaps Apple will release an update that will recalibrate the motion sensors within the phone, and it is highly doubtful that Apple will issue a recall. In any case Apple has yet to make an announcement to acknowledge the problem, but with all the attention it has been getting, hopefully we will hear something soon.

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