So, we do know that the iPad mini will now feature a Retina display, something that folks have been on the lookout for for quite some time already. Assuming you are one of those who always want something that is better out there, how about these 4K tablet displays from Japan Display? Panasonic has already managed to incorporate this into their 20” behemoths with a similar resolution, but how about something that is easier for you to hold in your hands? Japan Display actually comprises of Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi, where they have recently announced that they have managed to squeeze in 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160) into a 12.1-inch TFT module, resulting in a display that has a 365 pixels per inch count.

First unveiled to those who have attended the FPD International 2013 exhibition in Japan earlier this week, this particular new screen module will not guzzle down battery power like nobody’s business. No sir, it will in fact, remain power-efficient and arrive in an expected thin form factor to boot, which might make it the ideal business complement to the company’s upcoming White Magic 1080p smartphone screens. In what ways do you think that these 4k tablet displays will be able to change the tablet landscape in the future?

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