Japan Display Shows Off 915 PPI 9.6-Inch Display

[CEATEC 2015] Just when you thought that there is no way for one to cram in so many pixels into a single display, along come the folks over at Japan Display, where their hard work has paid off – and they managed come up with a display that measures a mere 9.6” diagonally across, but the amount of pixels packed into a single inch happens to be 915 ppi (pixels […]

Japan Display Crams 8K Into A 17.3-inch LCD Screen

It has been widely accepted that 4K will become the standard resolution of the future, although in recent times we’ve seen companies like Dell and Apple push those limits by releasing monitors and computers with 5K resolution. However it looks like Japan Display is going even further with 8K displays.Now we know that 8K displays aren’t new. Last year Sharp unveiled an 85-inch 8K TV, so the question is what […]

Japan Display Develops WhiteMagic WUXGA Display

Japan Display Inc. has had its fair share of time under the spotlight in the past, as recently as at the end of last month, where we talked about the advent of WhiteMagic technology. Having said that, Japan Display has worked on a 7” WhiteMagic WUXGA (Wide Ultra Extended Graphics Array) LCD display which if adopted across the board by the tablet industry, it could mark a new dawn in […]

Japan Display Unveils 5.4″ 543PPI Smartphone Display

So we know that Japan Display have recently announced that they have managed to squeeze 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160) into a 12.1” tablet, giving it a pretty decent pixel density of 365PPI. While that is great for tablet users, what about smartphone users who are similarly looking for higher resolutions on their devices? As it stands, the standard for high-end smartphones these days tends to lean towards Full HD […]


Japan Display Unveils 4K Tablet Displays

So, we do know that the iPad mini will now feature a Retina display, something that folks have been on the lookout for for quite some time already. Assuming you are one of those who always want something that is better out there, how about these 4K tablet displays from Japan Display? Panasonic has already managed to incorporate this into their 20” behemoths with a similar resolution, but how about […]