Moving your mouse around with your hands is so 1963 as technology has advanced to a point where we can use other parts of our bodies in order to move around our desktop’s cursor. We’ve seen cameras that are able to track our bodies and eyes to figure out what we want to do with our desktop cursor, but a team of researchers at Kinki University in Japan have developed a way to move your mouse with nothing more than your breath.

The researchers from Kinki University’s Biology-Oriented Science and Technology Department showed off their prototype recently to reporters. The device uses a tube that is placed within the user’s mouth. When the user breathes into the tube, sensors within the tube will measure the strength and duration of the breath, which are then converted into input commands. Through the combination of strong and soft inhalations and exhalations, the user can move the mouse cursor up, down, left or right. Left and right mouse clicks can be done by quickly sucking or blowing air into the tube.

Kinki University’s device could certainly help those who are severely disabled to use their computers in an easier manner, although we would still recommend the arm-less attempt to play any first-person shooters just yet.

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