conductive-makeupPutting on makeup might not be the same any more in the future, as wearable technology takes on a whole new level of interactivity. With the clever application of conductive makeup in common beauty items such as false eyelashes, nails and eyeshadow, computer scientist Katia Vega managed to figure out a way to make conductive elements as well as sensors part of transforming an ordinary makeup into gadget-activating remote controls.

Whenever the eyeshadow is applied to both the top and bottom of the wearer’s eye, if you were to take longer than 0.5 seconds to blink, sensors within the eyeshadow and metallized fake lashes will hook up and complete a low-voltage circuit. This would then be able to launch a miniature drone in theory, activating an LED headpiece in other applications, with one’s imagination being the limit. For instance, how about other low-voltage applications such as switching a musical track or a presentation image?

Of course, there would also be other experiments by Vega that involved the use of false nails, so that the wearer is able to be a DJ by controlling the music with just the surface of a pool of water alongside one’s nails. Is the age of the Hunger Games coming?

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