mars-space-suitThe Red Planet, also known as Mars, has received a fair amount of attention for quite some time already. In fact, we have already seen more than 100,000 people sign up for Mars One which would literally see them sent off on a one way trip to Mars, not to mention some robots too, wanting to be deployed on Mars to study more about this planet. Well, as part of World Space Week that happened last week, a trio of teams of earthbound astronauts put on their next-gen space suits and tested them in an event known as World Space Walk. All three tests were coordinated from Innsbruck, and there was a second team in Marseille, France, that monitored telemetry data.


The three space suits boasted designs of their own, but in the tests, they were faced with similar situations. All suits featured a human within, where they had to navigate through various obstacle courses, set up a tripod, make use of a camera, and to collect specific rock samples. Those were not all, as there were also other tasks assigned to them, to make sure that when the first human steps foot on Mars, they would be “dressed” appropriately in order to tackle the environment and atmosphere of the Red Planet.

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