bingkloutIt was just yesterday that we brought you word where Facebook has finished up the removal of an old search setting, “Who can look up your Timeline by name.” Well, this time around, we have news of search as well, except that it will be Microsoft playing the fiddle. From today onward, Microsoft’s Bing search engine will make it possible for folks to share more personal information about themselves with the help of Bing’s Snapshot feature.

Among such information that can be shared include your employment history, in addition to some of the more prominent social posts that hail from Twitter and Instagram. This particular integration with Klout would be a whole lot more than just skin deep, as it depends on the user him/herself to determine the level of detail that they want depicted to the entire world whenever one is searched for in Bing. Before you are able to take advantage of this though, you will first need to have both Klout and LinkedIn accounts in order to come up with your very own Snapshot.

Something tells me that employers of the future might be using Bing at times to figure out more details about their future employees, and hopefully there will not be much propping up of one’s personal details and achievements beforehand to provide employers with a fair image prior to the interview.

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