wii-japan-stopBoy, how fast time flies. Just a few weeks after Nintendo announced that they would cease the manufacturing of the Nintendo Wii for Japan, the gaming company has listed the console as “discontinued” (after some translation work, of course) on its Japanese website. I guess this means that if you happen to be in Japan and would love to pick up a Nintendo Wii, either as a replacement for your broken Wii or as a gift to a nephew, it would not bode well. You would most probably have to go purchase a backwards-compatible Wii U or take the road that some of us might want to avoid – checking out second hand Wiis, or perhaps hunt down leftover stock at retailers.

Of course, the curtain has not yet fallen down on the Nintendo Wii, as the standard issue Wii and Wii Mini will still be available for sale in other countries. This does not mean that they will still be hanging around for many more years, as it is likely that in due time, as next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony roll out, Nintendo would most probably do the same to the Wii in other countries as they have just done in Japan.

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