ps4-hrdware-large1For those living in North America, Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 will cost $399 which we’re sure is still expensive for some, but that pales in comparison to what the folks in Argentina are paying which after conversion would cost them roughly $1,100. Well it seems that you no longer need to feel bad for your friends in Argentina because it looks like over in Brazil, they have it worse. The console is expected to see a release in Brazil towards the end of November and it is expected to come with a price tag of R$3,999, which after conversion would mean that Brazilians would be paying the equivalent of $1,850 for a brand new PlayStation 4 console!

Yup that’s the price tag that they’d have to pay which is also about 4 times as much as the price in the US! Speaking to the folks at G1, Sony Brazil explained the reason behind the price, claiming that the cost of the console in Brazil includes the import fees and taxes, which amount to about $1,292, leaving the remainder as the price of the console itself. As for PS4 games, Brazilian gamers will have to fork out R$179, which is about $80 per game. It is still more expensive compared to the US, but given how much the console costs, it does seem somewhat reasonable. Ouch.

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