For those of us living in Europe as well as the US, it pays to be patient as the PS4 and Xbox One are tipped to arrive next month, which frankly, is not too far away considering just how fast time seems to fly these days. Well, we do know that a demonstration pod of the Sony PS4 has already been spotted, while the retail packaging of this next generation console, too, has been revealed alongside a slew of accessories. What other things can we learn about the Sony PS4 then? Apparently, a video has leaked out that reveals the features as well as user interface of the PS4 console.


This leaked video was recorded in French, where it will be accompanied by commentary from the uploader, with some of the features outlined including Trophies, PSN Store, Profiles, Messages, and the Friends list among others. I suppose you will gain a whole lot more out of this particular video if the French language is your strong suit, not to mention that the video is rather lengthy so there might be a whole lot more detail that has yet to be gleaned by a non-French speaking person like me. Would you get one, or both next generation video game consoles?

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