Earlier this week Microsoft finally started rolling out Windows 8.1, its much awaited update. Despite various builds being leaked over the last few months, there was quite a lot of anticipation and hype surrounding Microsoft’s latest Windows software update. Merely two days after making the update available, Microsoft has pulled the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store. The company says that the removal has taken place due to a “situation” it is currently investigating, though it says little about the aforementioned situation itself.

Microsoft says that it has temporarily removed Windows RT 8.1 for Windows Store because a “limited number of users” were affected by a situation when updating their Windows RT devices to the latest update. Microsoft says that it is working to take care of this situation “as quickly as possible.” It hasn’t provided a timeframe in which we can expect the update to become available again. There were scattered complaints online about it being difficult to update a Windows RT device to Windows RT 8.1. Some users found it difficult to location and get the update process rolling on their devices. As it stands right now, users with a Windows RT device have to make do with their existing software version, hopefully Microsoft will get things back on track soon so that all of them can get on the Windows RT 8.1 bandwagon soon.

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