nexus8Thanks to a photo spotted on the Android website the other day, rumors of a possible Google Nexus 8 surfaced. The photo in question showed a woman interacting with a tablet that did not resemble any of Google’s current tablet offerings, giving rise to speculation that it could be a new and upcoming tablet. The design of the tablet showed a tablet with thinner bezels but interestingly enough if one were to surf on down to the Android website, the photo has been edited and it now shows the woman interacting with the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

So what’s going on? Is this simply a case of a badly photoshopped image, or is Google trying to cover its tracks? Some think that Google might simply be trying to feel out the market and see what the reaction is to a Nexus 8, or at least a tablet of that design. The tablet might not even be real and could be Google just trying to see what people might say. Alternatively it could simply just be a photoshop job gone wrong, but based on what we saw it certainly look like it was designed that way on purpose. Either way Google has not exactly denied the existence of the tablet and has simply replaced the image, so make what you will of it, but try not to get your hopes up for a Nexus 8, at least for now.

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