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Alleged Google Nexus 8 Dummy Unit Spotted In China
We have been hearing the rumors that Google could be working on an 8-inch tablet which will (unsurprisingly) be known as the Nexus 8. In fact the device has allegedly been spotted on Geekbench 3 where some of its specs have been revealed. That being said if you’re wondering what the device looks like, it seems photos of it have surfaced.We should point out that the photos are from China […]

Alleged Nexus 8 Makes An Appearance On Geekbench 3
There have been many rumors surrounding the Nexus 8 tablet and going back as far as 2013. Assuming this is true, Google would have essentially made a tablet in display increments of around 1-inch. After all we have the Nexus 7, the Nexus 9, and the Nexus 10, so with the Nexus 8, users will have a variety of sizes to choose from.That being said for those who are wondering […]

Nexus 7 Out Of Stock On Google Play, Prompts Nexus 8 Speculation
We have been hearing rumblings of a certain Nexus 8 for a while now, and for those unfamiliar, the Nexus 8 is said to be a new tablet from Google that is made by HTC. That being said, could we be getting closer to an official release? Well some have speculated that could be the case as the Nexus 7 on the Google Play Store has been listed as out […]

Nexus 8 Listing Spotted In Indian Import Database
The Nexus tablet lineup currently consists of a 7-inch tablet and a 10.1-inch tablet. However it seems that Google could be looking to fill in the blanks with an 8-inch tablet, or at least that’s what the rumors are saying when they are talking about a Nexus 8. It used to be unclear if such a device was truly in the works, but thanks to a sighting on Indian import […]


Purported Nexus 8 Image And Details Leaked
Google has been very quiet on the tablet front after launching a refreshed version of the Nexus 7 last year. There were countless rumors about a new Nexus 10 but it never materialized. Then we starting hearing about the possibility of an 8-inch tablet which is better known as the Nexus 8. Rumors about this tablet are still coming in and today a purported image and details of the so-called […]

More References To Nexus 8 Spotted
Will there, or won’t there, be a Google Nexus 8 tablet? We have heard the rumors, and it was just the other day that a tablet appeared on Google’s I/O website that had many thinking it was the Nexus 8. It turned out to be the Nexus 10, so does that mean we can’t expect a Nexus 8? The rumors are saying yes, and now according to MYCE, they are […]

Possible Nexus 8 Hinted In Google I/O Banner [Updated]
Update – Some of you guys have pointed out that this is the Nexus 10 turned sideways. Turns out that it is, and the photo above was taken from 2013 with the Chrome racing game that was shown off. Looks like we got excited for nothing!Google I/O is taking place next month on the 25-26th of June. Google is expected to make several announcements during the event, and one of them […]

Nexus 6 & Nexus 8 Spotted In Chromium Source Code
We have long heard the rumors that Google could be working on new devices, like the Nexus 6 smartphone and a Nexus 8 tablet made by HTC. So far we’ve seen evidence of such devices pop up, although none of it can really be confirmed until Google makes the announcement.However in the meantime, it has been spotted by Florian Kiersch that within Chromium’s source code, there have been references made […]

Nexus 8 Rumored To Feature Intel's 64-bit Moorefield
We have heard rumors of a Google Nexus 8, and in all honesty it isn’t that far fetched. After all Google has had devices of different sizes, such as the Nexus 7 and the Nexus 10 as far as tablets are concerned, so it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to think that an 8-inch tablet would be on the list as well.Now for the most part, Google has […]

Nexus 8 Tablet Rumored For End Of April Launch
We have been hearing rumors about a Nexus 8 for a while now. In fact it was back in 2013 that we caught wind that the Nexus 8 might be a LG-made device instead of an ASUS-made one, which we weren’t sure if it was either the LG G Pad or the Nexus 8 that some were talking about. That being said, a recent report from the folks at DigiTimes […]

Intel-Powered Nexus 8 Could Arrive In 2014
The Nexus family of devices from Google has been pretty solid offerings in the past, and for sure Google is not going to quit the hardware market either. We now have heard whispers of an Intel-powered Nexus 8 that might arrive sometime later this year, although you can more or less classify this under the “rumors” section for now. DigiTimes are the ones behind this particular snippet, where according to […]

More LG Nexus 8 Rumors Surface
The other day we reported on a certain LG V510, which was speculated to be the LG G Pad 8.3, but at the same time many couldn’t help but shake the feeling that there is a good chance it could be a new Nexus tablet from Google, possible a Nexus 8, if the rumors are to be believed. Well according to @evleaks, he has posted a screenshot of what appears […]

Alleged Nexus 8 Image Quietly Edited By Google, Now Displays The Nexus 7
Thanks to a photo spotted on the Android website the other day, rumors of a possible Google Nexus 8 surfaced. The photo in question showed a woman interacting with a tablet that did not resemble any of Google’s current tablet offerings, giving rise to speculation that it could be a new and upcoming tablet. The design of the tablet showed a tablet with thinner bezels but interestingly enough if one […]

Is This The Google Nexus 8?
Google has a couple of tablets in their portfolio, such as the Google Nexus 7 and the Google Nexus 10, with both tablets sporting 7” and 10” displays respectively. However could it be that Google has a new tablet in the works? Perhaps a device closer to the size of Apple’s iPad mini? While it cannot be confirmed, a photo posted on the Android website (pictured above) shows a woman […]