A lot of us carry a variety of different cards in our wallets. These cards range from reward cards, to multiple credit cards, ATM cards, to our train/bus passes, library cards, and whatnot. Sometimes this adds unnecessary bulk to purses or wallets but that’s what Coin is hoping to change. The rather ironically named device is hoping to take the bulk away from carrying multiple cards by introducing a single card that will be able to act as all of your cards when needed.


Coin will be able to store all financial information from other cards carried around by your in your purse and wallet, and best of all, Coin will feature a magnetic strip that will be able to change itself depending on the card you want to use. How awesome is that? According to its creators, the battery that comes with Coin will be good for up to two years and will also feature a small screen showing which card is being charged along with its expiration date.

The device will also come with Bluetooth LE and will pair with your smartphone, so for those of you who are particularly forgetful, your smartphone will alert you when you are out of range of your card, such as when you forget to take it with you after you have left the restaurant. For more information and to pre-order the device, hit up Coin’s website for the details, or check out the video above to learn more.

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