We think it’s safe to say things with the website haven’t been going very well over the past few weeks. Its launch was met with nearly everyone attempting to access the website unable to sign up for the health insurance coverage they wanted to obtain, and things might get even more difficult now that a hacking tool called “Destroy Obamacare” has been discovered.

The Destroy Obamacare hacking tool has been designed to specifically target by overloading the website through a DDoS attack, although there have been no reports as to its exact use. Researchers are Arbor Networks have admitted they were able to download the hacking tool, and has even seen it mentioned on a number of popular social media websites.

If a DDoS attack is carried out on the website, especially when millions of Americans are close to the deadline of when they need to purchase a healthcare plan or suffer a tax, things could end up being much worse than what users have been experiencing with the website over the past couple of weeks. Hopefully those responsible for building the website can protect it from the Destroy Obamacare tool, although we have a feeling that may be near impossible.

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