battlefield-4-single-player-campaign-trailerSo it wasn’t too long ago that EA and DICE released Battlefield 4 to the masses, and shortly after, Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghosts saw its release as well. Given that both games are somewhat similar in nature, is it really just a coincidence that they were both released roughly around the same time? Perhaps not, at least according to a QA tester at DICE who claims that EA rushed through Battlefield 4’s quality assurance phase just to make sure that they would be able to release the game ahead of Activision’s Call of Duty: Ghost, which we guess they did. Of course it’s hard to say if the QA tester’s claims are true, but if you’re interested in seeing the conversation exchange that they had, hit up Reddit for the details.

Like we said it’s hard to tell if the claims are true. After all, most, if not all games, are subject to bugs and things that go wrong as it is nearly impossible to catch every single thing during beta testing. This is expected at the start of most games and services, as we had seen during the launch of Diablo 3 which saw Blizzard’s servers plagued with issues, and the same could be said about the launch of the new SimCity as well, but what do you guys think? Any Battlefield 4 gamers out there who might agree that the game did feel somewhat rushed?

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