Humans have been dreaming of taking flight in personal flying vehicles, like hover cars or jetpacks, for a very long time. We’ve seen some impressive advancements in jetpack technology over the years, but they all pale in comparison to Yves Rossy’s jetpack.

Yvon Rossy built his own jetpack that actually works, and as a way to show it off, he decided to zip around Japan’s most iconic mountain, Mount Fuji. Rossy didn’t just make a single trip, he was able to make NINE trips around Mount Fuji, and a YouTube video clip showing his adventure can be seen above this story.

Rossy’s jetpack only works for a total of 13 minutes of max flight time, so he wasn’t able to make his nine trips all at once. Instead, Rossy made his trips around Mount Fuji in seperate trips between October 28 and November 3. The jetpack reportedly weighs in at a total of 132 pounds and can reach speeds of up to 185 mph, which is why he decided to carry out his trips around Mount Fuji from inside of a helicopter. When he was near eye level with Mount Fuji’s tip, that’s when the fun would start.

Hopefully Rossy can tell us the secret behind his jetpack so we can all make our own trips around Mount Fuji, or at least to a local pizzeria to pick up a slice or two.

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