Up till now the Moto Maker tool is exclusively available only for AT&T customers. It has long been rumored that the tool will be opened up to other carriers as well. Verizon customers were rumored to get access on November 11th, but so far no announcement has been made by the carrier as yet. T-Mobile and Sprint both have been rumored to get access as well, but nothing has been confirmed. Well known Twitter leaker @evleaks posted a new screenshot which shows that Moto Maker might soon be opened up to the remaining three major U.S. carriers.

Motorola announced the Moto Maker tool alongside the Moto X smartphone in August earlier this year. Through this tool, Moto X customers can put their own personal touches on their units. They can add engraving and choose from a variety of colors. As previously mentioned, the luxury has only been available to AT&T customers up till now. The screenshot posted by @evleaks lists all four major carriers, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint to be precise. While @evleaks hasn’t provided a concrete date, its quite likely that Moto Maker will be opened up for the other carriers in the near future. It remains to be seen though if the three carriers get access on the same day. Motorola hasn’t commented on the rumor as yet, and neither have the carriers broken their silence.

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