Netflix can be said to have been ingrained in the consciousness of many an American, especially when you take into consideration that Netflix as well as YouTube account for more than 60% of North American data, now how about that? Not only that, 4K video streaming tests with Netflix are already being held, with Ultra HD tipped to launch sometime next year. Having said and done all that, don’t you think that it is rather strange that the browsing experience happens to be fragmented between platforms? In fact, making the jump between the likes of the PS3, Xbox and Roku devices is not as smooth as expected, where each of them has their own interpretation on how Netflix looks like. Good to know that Netflix has paid attention to this detail, revealing a new and unified television experience.

Company director of innovation Chris Jaffe said, “About a year and half ago we took a step back to think about Netflix’s television experience across devices. What we saw was a mismatch in how Netflix worked relative to how regular TV works, where you just turn it on and things are happening. We also looked at the devices and realized that while we’ve got a great experience on the PS3 and some smart TVs, we’ve got an Xbox 360 experience that’s very different.”

Do you like the new interface? [Press Release]

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