There is a saying that goes like this – all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The thing is, what if the proverbial Jack has had way too many games to play? For those who grew up in the era of the NES as well as its successor, the SNES, you would most probably have fond memories of Super Mario Bros. as well as Super Mario World. In fact, you have spent so much time playing them, that you have discovered a slew of secrets within the game, all of the hidden treasures, not to mention being able to complete the entire game without having to lose a single life. It is time to enjoy a blast from the past using Google Glass, where you can enjoy Super Mario Bros. without having to use your hands at all, thanks to a certain Brandyn White.

Since Google Glass comes with pupil-tracking sensors, White decided to make use of that despite Glass accepting nothing up voice commands, touch and head movements as forms of input. He went ahead by inserting a 3D-printed webcam into Google Glass. The camera that features pupil-tracking technology will do all the eye movement detecting work, using movement as input. I guess completing Super Mario Bros. in this manner can be described as a head banging’ experience!

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