Google has already released a new Nexus tablet and smartphone this year, the Nexus 7 2013 and Nexus 5 to be precise, it is yet to release an updated Nexus 10 tablet. The company hasn’t confirmed anything as yet about this tablet, so it is not known for sure at this point in time if and when the Nexus 10 2013 is finally going to be unveiled. However, two purported images of the tablet have leaked online. There’s no way to determine their authenticity at this point in time, so its best to view these images with a pinch of salt.


One particular image seems to have been leaked from European carrier Telefonica, whereas the other originates from Korea. Both images show the tablet running the new Google Experience launcher on Android 4.4. Bezels appear to be thinner in these images. Though Samsung manufactured the existing Nexus 10, according to the leaked image, the Nexus 10 2013 might be manufactured by LG, which already makes the Nexus 5. The purported image gives the tablet LG-V510 model number, we’ve seen this model number before in a Bluetooth certification document. The Telefonica image puts the price at £299 or roughly $480, presumably for the cellular variant. Last but not the least, apparently the Nexus 10 2013 will be launched on November 22nd and will be available in both black and white colors. [Images via Reddit 1 & 2]

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