roomba-880One of the more useful tools to have in the home would be that of a vacuum cleaner – it certainly does a pretty good job of clearing up all the dust and dirt in all of the rooms, although it can prove to be a tad noisy at times. However, over the years we have seen this thing known as intelligent or smart vacuum cleaner robots, where you leave them alone throughout the day and they will get the job done for you, although you can be sure that they will not be as thorough as a human being, especially when it comes to those hard to reach nooks and crannies. Roomba, an experienced name in the world of smart robotic vacuum cleaners, has just introduced the Roomba 880, which is touted to arrive with new and improved features underneath the hood.

In fact, Roomba is proud that the Roomba 880 is capable of sucking in 50% more dirt compared to its predecessors, and will retail for $699.99 a pop. I do wonder what kind of test environment that the Roomba 880 was placed in before trumpeting such a claim. It is also a wee bit more expensive than the high end model from Dyson, and about three times as much as the best Hoover, but neither Dyson’s nor Hoover’s are autonomous. Basically, the Roomba 880 is more than ready to chew up any hair and spit it at the back as it goes about its business.

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