iRobot’s Roomba series of robotic vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning your home, particularly if you’re too lazy to do some yourself, or if you’re away you can even schedule it. However the downside is that you will still need to empty the Roomba yourself once everything has been completed.

While not exactly a deal breaker, if you’re looking for the ultimate easy way out, then you might be interested to learn that iRobot has since launched the Roomba i7+ in which one of its key features is the ability to empty its own trash once it is done. According to iRobot, the new Roomba i7+ comes with a considerably larger trash bin that’s located at its charging base, where it is said to be capable of storing up to 30 bins worth of trash.

This means that technically you could set the Roomba i7+ to clean your home once a day and only have manually empty out the trash once a month, although your mileage may vary depending on how dirty/dusty your home is, and also how many times you clean it. It also means that you could go on vacation for a week or two and schedule the Roomba i7+ without having to worry about its trash being full while you’re away.

Other features of the i7+ that have been improved upon its successor includes better room-mapping functionality. There is also the ability to use the accompanying Roomba app to divide the floor plan of their home into different rooms, and schedule each room to be cleaned at different intervals. That being said, all these features do not come cheap as the Roomba i7+ with the base station will cost $949, with the bags for the hopper priced at $14.99 for a set of three. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, head on over to iRobot’s website for the details.

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