Playing your favorite PC games were made much easier thanks to Steam’s Big Picture Mode, and it’s expected to get a little bit easier to play in your living room once its Steam Controller is released. Having a powerful gaming PC hooked up to your living room setup may be a bit difficult as well as expensive if you already have a capable machine sitting in another room, but Valve’s Steam In-Home Streaming service might  be what you need.

Steam In-Home Streaming, which is currently accepting beta registrations, is a service that allows users to stream games from one computer to another within a household. The service will be open to beta testers “later this year” with those participants being selected completely at random. Those interested in the Steam In-Home Streaming service are encouraged to join their Steam group to register themselves.

Steam In-Home Streaming is expected to be an integral service that will compliment SteamOS when Valve launches it, as well as its partnered hardware, some time next year. Hopefully it’ll work as well as it sounds as we can’t imagine there being a better reason to adopt the SteamOS than to play games that are running on your powerful gaming rig.

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