We humans know that no man (or woman, if you want to be politically correct) is an island, which is why communication with one another is so important. Hence, here we are with the Tactile Dialogues that happens to be a specially designed e-textile pillow that has been constructed with the inclusion of touch sensors and vibrating motors. This particular pillow is used to generate a positive interaction between a caregiver as well as an individual who happens to be suffering from severe dementia. It is somewhat akin to Vibe-ing, where Tactile Dialogues happens to rely on the very same technologies which has taken on an extremely different format.

You wear Tactile Dialogues on the body, where it functions as a medium to generate interaction and conversation. It does offer a glimpse into the future as to how wearable technology would look like and contribute to mankind’s development in communications. Imagine tactile knits and wovens, alongside haptic feedback mechanisms that function in a pleasurable manner to touch as well as wear. Tactile Dialogues happen to be a collaboration between Eindhoven University of Technology (Martijn ten Bhömer), De Wever Borre Akkersdijk, Optima Textiles BV and Metatronics. How would you like your wearable tech served in the future?

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