Earlier this year, we featured expert blacksmith Man at Arms as he created an amazing looking version of Link’s Master Sword. It’s been a couple of months since we last featured Man at Arms’ work, but his latest piece of work seems to be appropriate right about now as he forged Thor’s Hammer, known as Mjölnir, and shows off the entire process.

As usual, Man at Arms’ process begins by looking at images and schematics of Mjölnir. Thor’s Hammer was created from sheets of chromoly steel and even though it’s hollow, weighs in at 20 lbs, which is heavy enough for most people to lift it. If Mjölnir wasn’t hollowed out, it would weigh a total of 200 lbs, although the mighty Thor could still probably lift his hammer. The actor that plays Thor? Not so much.

Even though Thor’s Hammer Man at Arms’ built looks like an extremely impressive piece of work, it’s still significantly larger than the hammer Thor wields in Marvel’s films. Regardless of that, it’s still impressive and will undoubtedly get fans of Thor as well as Marvel’s recent films excited for the release of Thor: The Dark World, which will be released tomorrow. We just hope Man at Arms doesn’t decide to take Thor’s Hammer out for a stroll whenever he decides to watch the film.

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