Ahead of CES 2014, Archos has spilled the beans on a number of “connected objects” that it is going to showcase at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. These include a weather station, home camera, blood pressure monitor, activity tracker, smartwatches and more. The connected objects will be compatible with iOS and Android platforms, allowing users to control them from anywhere and use Bluetooth Low Energy to ensure extended use without requiring recharging. The company says these objects are styled to “blend into your home environment.”


Archos “connected home” objects allow users to retrieve data or command actions through the Archos Smart Home app or through its custom Smart Home Tablet, which serves as a gateway between multiple connected objects which include a mini cam, motion ball, movement tag, smart plug and weather tag. The app and the tablet will be able to perform a variety of actions based on the users needs, such as turning on lights or recording video as soon as motion sensors are activated. Curing CES 2014 Archos is also going to unveil a weather station which will be able to provide indoor and outdoor information including humidity, atmospheric pressure and CO2 levels. The Archos “connected self” devices are focused on fitness and activity, they will provide key metrics for goal assessment, will display graphs to track activity and let up to eight different users to set goals so as to increase motivation. Devices include the Archos Connected Scale which is capable of recognizing four different users and measures body shape based on mass and height. It tracks body fat and has onboard memory so that data is not lost between synchronisations. The Archos Activity Tracker wrist band will monitor daily footsteps, calories burnt and will automatically display time when its synced to a smartphone. The company’s blood pressure monitor has enough memory to support more than 40 different measurements and will also display heartbeat information.

All of these devices will be showcased by the company at CES 2014. Its press release also mentions that a “selection” of smartwatches priced under $100 will be unveiled, they will apparently “embrace simplicity and function.” Nothing much has been said about the smartwatches right now except for the fact that they’ll have pebble-like design.

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