marta-660x495Public urination is a problem because it can tarnish the image of the city, as well as create an unpleasant environment to be around. After all no one likes walking in a place that constantly smells like a Porta Potty, right? Well it seems that public urination is a pretty big issue over in Atlanta, at least as far as their subway elevators are concerned. To that extent they have recently installed pee detectors in their subways so that whenever someone decides it’s time to take a leak in public for whatever reason they think it’s appropriate, an alert will be sent and officers will be able to get to that area to make an arrest, and if they’re quick enough, they might be able to do it mid-stream too!

The goal is to install these detectors in 111 elevators which is expected to cost over $1 million. However some have offered alternatives which is to reopen more of the restrooms in the subway. Most of these restrooms were closed due to budget constraints as it required cleaners to constantly maintain its cleanliness. Either way attempting to solve the pee problem could be a boon for MARTA and the environment as well, as it seems that public urination is one of the deterring factors of public transport, so if clean toilets were provided as well as ensuring subways were relatively pee-free, more people might choose to take public transport instead of driving.

[Image credit – Listener42]

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