b-shoeThe elderly do have plenty of things to grapple with, ranging from failing health issues to an ever rising cost of living. In fact, it shows that 33% of people age 65 and over falls, and these falls commonly result in injuries and even death. While they are recommended to use walking aids including canes and walkers, but they refuse to do so since it does show the world that they are weak and dependent on people. This is where the B-Shoe comes in, where it will help folks regain their balance with the help of incorporated technology.


Normal folks would regain their balance simply be moving a leg backward (which is known as a “backward step”), which will further increase the base of support. The thing with older folks is this – a deterioration in balance functions and reflexes in the elderly would mean that the backward step is more often than not taken too late, too slow and inaccurately, resulting in a fall. Not only that, wearing the B-Shoe would not carry any kind of stigma, since it is a standard-looking walking shoe which knows when the wearer is going to lose his or her balance, where it will automatically drive one leg slightly backwards to prevent the dangerous fall. [Press Release]

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