Battlefield_4_China_Rising_Altai_Range_0As it stands, EA does not sell their Battlefield 4 game in China, which is why we think the China government’s plans to ban the game should have little to no effect on EA’s business. So why is China banning the game? Well as you guys might have heard, the latest Battlefield 4 DLC has been named “China Rising” and it is DLC that contains new maps, vehicles, assignments, and weapons, and follows the fictional story of a certain Admiral Chang who has plans on overthrowing the government. The keyword here is fictional but apparently China is having none of it and have accused EA of creating a form of cultural invasion.

This has led the government to a decision to ban all forms of Battlefield 4 content, such as the prohibition of sales of physical copies of the game and other related demos, downloadable content, and even news! The game has even been characterized as illegal on the grounds that it endangers  national security and cultural aggression. China has never been shy about censoring or banning products in the past, which explains why companies such as Google and Facebook have had no luck penetrating the market. Even developers like Blizzard had to alter their games, such as World of Warcraft, in order to meet the requirements set out by the Chinese government. In any case like we said, since EA doesn’t sell the game in China to begin with, we’re not sure if this ban has any effect on them.

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