Fans of ZeptoLab’s most popular mobile game have been waiting for a sequel for quite some time now. Cut the Rope was first released back in 2010 and since then it has become very popular, on both iOS and Android. Earlier this month it was announced that the much awaited sequel is going to be exclusively released on iOS. Today, ZeptoLab has finally released Cut the Rope 2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The updated game brings new characters, new gameplay mechanics and a number of visual tweaks and improvements.


The object of this game is still the same, players have to feed candy to the little hungry monster called Om Nom by manipulating the objects around him. Cut the Rope 2 gives players the ability to move Om Nom, while there are over 120 entirely new levels in which five new characters are introduced at various points. A number of new backdrops have been added too, such as junkyard, city park, forest, sandy dam and more. ZeptoLab hasn’t given a definitive release date for an Android version, but it is expected that Cut the Rope 2 for Android is going to be released in early 2014. The game costs just $0.99 and is available right now from the App Store. Players who find it difficult to progress in the game can make use of in-app purchases to make the climb up much more easier.

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