The Federal Communications Commission and U.S. wireless carriers are said to be working on the final details of a new cellphone unlocking policy. The new policy will make it easier for subscribers who want to switch from one carrier to another. According to industry sources cited by Reuters, the policy would require that carriers notify subscribers about the eligibility of their phones for unlocking through mediums such as text messages, it is expected that some prepaid phones might be covered as well.

Carriers would be required to process or deny unlocking requests within two business days, the policy will finally implement this FCC guidance that the commission had previously issued.The points that are still being debated upon by FCC and wireless carriers are said to be the timeline for the roll out of the new policy, handling of prepaid phones and methods for keeping unlocked phones off of the black markets.The policy aims to simplify the various procedures that carriers have in place to unlock subscribers’ devices after their conventional two-year service contracts end. Despite deliberations between the FCC and U.S. wireless carriers being in the final stages, it is still not known for sure right now when the new policy will go in effect.

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