fleksyIf there’s one thing about Android is that it is not as restrictive compared to iOS. This means that users are able to customize their device to their liking, sometimes without even having to root their phone. For example customization could be a change in launchers, or keyboards, or even changing the default camera/browser app. Well the good news is that it looks like some of that customization could be headed iOS’ way in the form of Fleksy keyboard. The app has been available on Android and recently left its beta phase, but its developers have not stopped there and have released an SDK for iOS developers.

While Fleksy will not be able to replace all of iOS’ keyboards, developers now have the option to include the keyboard within their apps. Speaking to The Verge, Fleksy’s founder, Ioannis Verdelis, was quoted as saying, “With every new version of iOS the work required on our part to build a keyboard SDK has reduced significantly […] We’re [now] doing stuff on iOS that integrates the keyboard deeper than it’s ever been integrated.” As it stands there are a handful of apps that have already integrated Fleksy into their apps, such as GV Connect, Blindsquare, Wordbox, and Launch. If you’re wondering what those apps might be like to use with a keyboard different from the default iOS one, go ahead and check them out.

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