Some of our hobbies do consume us in a very serious manner, and Swiss RC aircraft enthusiast Peter Michel happens to be part of that select group where they eat, drink, and sleep with their minds concentrated solely on just one project at that point in time. In November, Michel showed off his huge scale model of a Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 at a club meeting in Switzerland, bringing along with it some pretty amazing specifications that definitely had pulses racing and jaws dropping.

A quartet of JetCat P120 jet turbines will power this unique RC model, where each of them will offer approximately 30 pounds of thrust. Of course, that is a far cry from the 280,000 pounds on the actual Airbus A380, but it is more than enough to deliver a similar power to weight ratio, considering how this model weighs a mere 155 pounds in comparison to the fully loaded 1.2 million pound Airbus A380. Too bad the small 2.5 gallon fuel tank of this model allows it to remain in the skies for slightly more than 8 minutes. Michel required approximately 5,000 hours and 8 months of work to come up with this 1:15 scale A380, where plenty of styrofoam and lightweight balsa wood went into its construction.

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