npdgroup_sales_dec13As we are approaching the end of 2013, we’re sure some of you guys are wondering how well certain products have done throughout the year. Given the innovation and new technology we’ve seen throughout the year, it will definitely be interesting to see who ends up on top, and what worked and what didn’t. Well according to the folks at NPD who have released their latest figures, it would seem as though Apple’s iPads are still dominating the tablet scene, although it does seem to have dipped slightly compared to the previous year. Android and Windows tablets are still behind the iPad although it does look like they are slowly catching up and it will be interesting to see if they will be able to catch up in 2014.

What’s more interesting is the fact that Apple’s MacBook computers have actually taken a dip and have fallen, allowing Google’s Chromebooks to overtake them by a significantly huge margin. It’s interesting because Apple’s MacBook refreshes this year introduced Intel’s latest chipset which not only helped to boost battery life, but also provided a more than decent integrated GPU, but we suppose factors such as price could have been an issue. The report also goes to show that sales of desktop computers are starting to wane, and that Windows-based laptops have started to drop in sales as well. Naturally 2014’s figures could tell an entirely different story but at the same time there’s no reason to see why the trends shown in the graph above might not continue into 2014.

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