Now here is a robot that all criminals might want to avoid – the K5 Autonomous Data Machine which is touted to be a 300 pound crime fighting machine. In fact, it has been hailed as the next generation of digital night watchmen, coming in a 5-foot tall form factor that was specially designed so that it will stand guard all the way from night until dawn breaks. Described as being created “to augment private security services on corporate campuses and in large, vacant buildings and warehouses,” all of the tedious and monotonous monitoring will be handled by the K5, while all other ‘hands-on’ activities will fall upon human security personnel.

Knightscope, the creator of the K5, claims that it “utilizes a combination of autonomous robots and predictive analytics to provide a commanding but friendly physical presence while gathering important real-time on-site data with numerous sensors.” In the YouTube video above, it depicts the K5 as performing a sweep across a slew of license plate numbers on vehicles that were parked in an unidentified parking lot. It remains to be seen just how much the K5 will cost, but it will arrive with a video camera, thermal imaging sensors, a laser range finder, radar, air quality sensors, and a microphone. Unfortunately, this is one thing that the folks over at iFixit are unlikely to tear down and give us the Bill of Materials.

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