mit-tongue-twisterAnyone who is good enough to enter MIT definitely has plenty of intelligence up there, and we ourselves have seen our fair share of breakthroughs and exciting news from MIT researchers over the years. This particular one that we are going to talk about today is slightly less serious, where it deals with tongue twisters. In fact, using a nonsense string of words that were specially thought up of by MIT researchers, it helped them in their investigation of speech errors and brain functions. In fact, it happened to be so difficult that no test subjects managed to repeat the phrase, which certainly gives it some ground to be declared as the toughest tongue twister in the world.

The phrase in question was “pad kid poured curd pulled cod”, and when volunteers gave it a go, MIT psychologist Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel shared that some of them ceased talking. She continued further, “If anyone can say this [phrase] ten times quickly, they get a prize.” I am quite sure that by now, you would have given that tongue twister a go all by yourself already, no?

What do you think of that tongue twister above? Was it difficult enough to ravel your tongue in such a way that you have decided to give up on tongue twisters altogether?

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